Even historical and religious buildings are subject to standards that rule workstations placed two meters above the floor plan (standard EN-795).

This kind of buildings need ordinary and extraordinary maintenances both on the outside (old-fashioned mansions, churches, hospitals or castles roofs) and on the inside (churches and cathedrals vestments). Considering that they are buildings of historical and architectural importance, fall arrest systems should also to be particularly “discrete” or have a low visual impact to keep the original conformation unchanged.

Somain Italia also offers flexible life lines and systems (Securope life line), composed of small elements that can adapt to irregular structures. Before fixing a fall arrest system, a test of the mechanical resistance to materials must be performed because these structures are dated decades or centuries ago.

Somain Italia has trained and authorized staff and Partners to carry out these tests by means of traction equipments. All Somain Italia systems are made of stainless steel and aluminum elements and have a 10-year guarantee that can be renewed.