A recent census stated that in Italy there are more than 14 millions of real estates and 83% of them are firmly occupied.

Considering periodic maintenance and workers access (aerial contractors, chimney sweeps, etc.), housing security is explicitly requested by the regulation that applies severe penalties to negligence or in the event of any possible accident. Apartment blocks, detached- or terraced- houses, farmhouses turned into a place of roofing residence present a wide range of typological solutions that sometimes need a high technical competence in the fall arrester system’s design and installation.

It is really important to make sure that the installed life line is certified and in compliance with regulations; periodic maintenance is mandatory.

Somain Italia presents a complete range of solutions to housing roofs both for life lines (for instance type C Allukemi Life line) including anchor or fall deviation devices and for technologies for roofs access (Vertical Securail ladder). Somain Italia is always willing to offer specific solutions to every kind of application, no matter what roof type or material is used.