The Italian industrial system is characterized by a wide range of real estate (warehouses, plants, etc.) of different type, dimension and with extremely variable construction characteristics and performances; for this reason, industrial roof security, by means of fall arrest systems, requires an accurate analysis, a range of high quality products and the capability of a “taylor-made project” for the best solutions.

There are different types of products that can suit industrial roofs: permanent or self-supporting fixing railings (Allukemi Sky) for flat roofs and systems for metallic or fragile roofs (Securope type C life line) that can be installed through clips which do not pierce the roof.

Somain Italia can also provide ladders for a safe access (Safeladder ladders and Securail Vertical Ladders or Rails) to roofs and steel gangways (Allukemi Step) in compliance to standard EN 14122-2 and EN 14122-3.

Somain Italia can accompany the customer in the plant security process: from the inspection of critical areas to the products provision and certifications, to customer service, maintenance and operators’ trainings. A complete, certified and safe system: the right solution for every contractor.