ALLUKEMI SKY ™ is a collective protection device which complies with EN ISO 14122-3: 2003 (fixed version also respects the Technical Standards on Constructions – NTC 2008 – for variable loads cat. H1).

Railings consist of aluminum extrusions and die-cast aluminium alloy for bases and connecting elements that allow the joint between vertical and horizontal elements, the overcoming of height differences and horizontal changes of direction.

The uprights, straight or inclined, are arranged every 150cm, while the space between the horizontal profiles must not exceed 50cm. For this reason it is essential to know the conformation of the structure on which you will fix the railing.

ALLUKEMI SKY ™ with permanent fixing can be fixed directly on concrete structure with on floor, wall, protruding, flashing, reclining connections. Self-supporting version shouldn’t be fixed on the structure in a way to keep the coverage intact, thanks to neoprene slab interposed between the structure and railing elements. The resistance to capsizing and displacement is ensured by 25kg concrete counterweights grafted into the base with an horizontal arm.

The system has a 10-year guarantee with no obligation of annual maintenance and is certified by Apave.