Safety nets

Safety nets are provsional collective protection systems studied to hold the operator in the event of a fall. Thanks to their geometric characteristics, safety nets are especially suitable for the protection of large surfaces, such as assembly works on supporting carpentry structures for roofing support of buildings or infrastructures, or to protect skylights without shatter-proof certification or during the assembly phases of prefabricated structures.

Somain Italia nets have a 5 years warranty and must undergo yearly inspections, carried out by sending the company samples of material on the side of the net for chemical and physical analysis to verify good conditions of the fibres.

Pole hoist system

Pole hoist system equipped with swivel head for vertical or horizontal access. To be used with certified anchor points.

Material: Aluminium

Weight: 10 kg

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Rescue Slider

Rescue slider used to recover workers in confined spaces, mounted on manhole collar for horizontal access.
Modular fixing system. The slider is equipped with a replacable cable guide to avoid damaging the slider.
Provided with ladder fixing bore or with optional climbable bores.

Material: Aluminium and plastic
Dimensions: from 500 to 700mm width
Weight: 15 Kg

240cm Boom Crane

The 240cm boom crane is made entirely of aluminum, and is the only device of this size on the market that is approved for the recovery of people from confined spaces, and the handling of loads of up to 194 kg.