Protezione Collettiva Vertigo

Collective protective systems

Collective protection measures, according to current legislation, are to be adopted in all public places where there is a risk of falling.

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Saint Gobain Allukemi Life

Life Lines

Horizontal or vertical rope life lines suited to a range of structures: from warehouses to historical buildings.

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A wide range of horizontal and vertical rails for areas in which there is a risk of falling with a limited clearance distance.

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Ladders with integrated fall protection systems for reaching elevated workplaces.

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DPI Dispositivi di protezione individuale

Personal Protective Equipments (PPE)

Equipment designed to protect workers from death or serious injury, such as harnesses, helmets, cords, and anchoring devices.

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manutenzione facciate continue

Curtain walls maintenance system

Suspended platforms and machines that can be installed on the roof of a building to allow for maintenance procedures to be carried out safely on glass facades.

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dispositivi di ancoraggio permanente

Permanent anchor devices

Anchoring devices that can be directly attached to structures or with the use of structural anchors.

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Sistema Safety Control

Safety Control System

A control system to help Health & Safety managers to monitor employees’ work using the life lines and the condition of the system itself.

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Somain Italia Planet


A platform for monitoring the condition, periodic maintenance and use of the installed products from a distance.

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