Vertical life lines


Wind energy in Italy is a source of renewable energy in extensive growth that in 2011 placed the Country in the 7th place among the largest producers in the world.

Each wind turbine needs a constant maintenance and operators have to climb tens of meters on ladders which are installed inside the towers to reach the rotor. For their safety, Genesi Italia proposes Allukemi ™ Wind life line, a protective device to be installed on the rungs of the ladder through the end brackets and intermediate cable guide that prevent the cable swinging.

The operator connects the harness to the removable anti-fall device that flows on the cable and conks out automatically in case of a fall, preventing the slipping of the operator.

Horizontal life lines


Life lines are undoubtedly the most widely known and used type of fall protection system, they can be found in fact in almost all areas of intervention, from the civil to the industrial buildings, passing historical sites and hospitals.

Their success is the result of their adaptability, in fact our life lines can be installed on poles, plates or directly on the structure, according to project needs and the type of system used. Expertise of our technical department further increase the adaptability of our lines, because our technicians are always ready, when it is necessary, to study special supports for particular applications.

Our products differ also in the loads transmitted to the structure, it is therefore essential to know the type of structure in order to choose the better life line.

Allukemy Life

It is a non-deformable life line to be installed on structures capable of supporting the required loads; non-deformability determines continuation of service even after the fall (for example, for recovery).


It is to be installed on structures that do not meet the demands of the static needs of non-deformable lines. This line is subject to mechanical deformation but retains the necessary requirements for possible recovery.